Protection against Weils Disease & Leptospirosis

When a conventional plaster

just won't do.

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Weils Disease

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Weils Disease Hand Sanitiser for Fishermen Weils Disease Hand Sanitiser for Farm Workers and Farmers Weils Disease Hand Sanitiser for Farm Workers and Farmers


Against Weils


Against Weils


Against Weils

‘Where a conventional plaster just won’t do’

Action Plaster has been designed for those involved in extreme sports in and out of the water. Its unique formula creates an immediate waterproof barrier plaster that can last all day under the most punishing of conditions where a conventional plaster would just fail.

Spray-On Action Plaster works by creating a protective transparent, flexible waterproof film-skin over a cut or graze. It’s quick and easy application will sanitise the infected area while also providing a barrier plaster against the ingress of airborne and waterborne infections, for example Weil’s Disease. Being small 32.5ml, light and quick to apply Action Plaster has found its place in the day-sack and first-aid kits of UK Special Forces, triathlon competitors, rowers and mountain bike enthusiasts alike. Simply wash-off with warm water and soap at the end of the day.

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Don’t just take our word for it!

“Thanks for the hand cleanser and Action Plaster sample, I used them during the filming of Robson Green’s grand slam in our fishing camp in Guinea Bissau. We had it on the boat and the guys all used it, I would recommend the products to anyone, ideal size, non greasy and works well and let’s face it if it works on a fishing boat then it will work anywhere"

Richard Sheard - Worldsportfishing - and advisor to Robson Green

“Having been given a sample to try, it really does work. It’s been used by everyone in the shop including myself for cuts a scratches. One spray and the bleeding stopped. Small and easy to carry ideal while out on the bike”.

Rich (store manager) Race CO Cycles UK

“It’s brilliant stuff. Excellent while out on my mountain bike for bramble stretches or the odd tumble. Also as a mountain leader I take a lot of groups trekking thought the year and in different mountain ranges. I’ve used this product numerous times on myself and clients. It’s light weight and comes in compact aerosol can. It’s easy to use; I couldn’t imagine going back to trying to stick conventional plasters on wet skin. In a few seconds the spray has dried protecting minor cuts and grazes from infection. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has an active lifestyle or a manual job”.

Dan Stanley (former Royal Marine Commando) 2016

“Having to operate in rivers and open water in a professional capacity especially after flooding the risk of contracting Weils Disease is a real consideration and cannot be taken lightly. Action Plaster has proven to be an essential part of my personal first-aid equipment. It does what is says on the tin”.

Shaun Wilson (Airline pilot and lead instructor at SARA). SARA is an Inshore Rescue boat and Land Search organisation covering the Severn Estuary and the surrounding area

The people most at risk from contracting Weils Disease

Weils Disease

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Dr Weils protection against Weils Disease & Leptospirosis
Protection against Weils Disease & Leptospirosis