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Protection against

Weils Disease & Leptospirosis

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Against Weils

Dr Weils Sanitising Product

Apply our Hand and Surface sanitiser to remove the risks associated with bacterial infections, as well as hand cleaning to stop cross contamination and possible ingestion whilst eating.

Anglers will benefit from this product because it allows them to sanitise their hands without corrupting the bate, and therefore reducing the risk of fish detecting any alcohol or scented moisturisers that supermarket hand sanitisers can contain.

As a non-alcohol based Hand and Surface sanitiser, our product is Halaal (lawful) and therefore suitable for many faiths including Islam.

Dr Weils Hand and Surface sanitiser is an odourless, non-alcohol based product and is available in a conveniently sized 100ml pump spray bottle.

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Dr Weils Hand & Surface Sanitiser

The people most at risk from contracting Weils Disease

Weils Disease

The facts and the people most at risk

Dr Weils Sanitising Products

Dr Weils

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Dr Weils protection against Weils Disease & Leptospirosis
Protection against Weils Disease & Leptospirosis