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Weils Disease The Facts

Preventing Leptospirosis, Weils Disease.

If your work, sport or recreational activity brings you into contact with potentially infected animals, fresh water sources or contaminated soil, you can reduce the risk of catching the disease by wearing protective clothing, as well as cleaning and dressing wounds as soon as possible.

There is no vaccination for humans against Weils Disease

Leptopirosis or Weils Disease.

Leptopirosis or Weil’s Disease as it is more commonly known is transmitted by animals (cattle, pigs, dogs and rodents) to humans via a leptospira bacterial infection contained within the animals urine and blood.

In the vast majority of cases, the leptospira bacteria will cause flu-like symptoms, such as headaches, chills and muscle pain, though in some cases the bacterial infection becomes so severe it can cause life-threatening conditions including organ failure and internal bleeding.


From the time of infection there is an incubation period that can last between 3 to 21 days, resulting in 2 distinct stages of Weils disease.

The First Stage which can last up to 5 days are flu like and include a fever, severe headache, chills, muscle aches and vomiting, with mild cases recovering but can still suffer from fatigue for some time afterwards.

The Second Stage may bring the onset of diarrhoea, stomach pain, a jaundiced skin and eye pallor, red eyes, meningitis like symptoms, with severe cases causing organ failure.

Seeking Medical Treatment.

When seeking medical treatment it is important to explain to the medical professional if you believe that you may have come into contact with the Leptopira bacteria, to expedite their investigation and treatment of your illness.

11 occupations at risk from Weils Disease

As part of our risk assessment we have established that employees and the customers of the following business could benefit from adding Dr Weils Hand and Surface Sanitiser to their First Aid Kits.

The people most at risk from contracting Weils Disease

Weils Disease

The facts and the people most at risk

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Dr Weils protection against Weils Disease & Leptospirosis
Protection against Weils Disease & Leptospirosis